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Why Art?

Fine art is a uniquely human endeavor, creating for the sake of creation because we like it, makes us feel good; Instinct over reasoning. We surround ourselves with those things we find beautiful and pleasing, whether it is the clothes we choose or the places we live and work. Watch any child, play music, they dance and hum, given a blank sheet of paper and writing instrument and they will create lines, shapes and visual movement. We are creative creatures, with a burning desire to make and own things we find pleasurable, whether that which we create with our own hands, or just a smooth stone found at the beach, whose tactile sensation we find soothing and safe.

What is Fine Art?

I would like you to picture two geometric forms. The first is a straight line. In this lesson, the teacher has an idea and all the children who do this project wind up with the same end result-----that is NOT Fine Art! In the second, the teacher is in the center of a sphere with an idea and no matter how many people do this project--all of the end products will be different and unique. That is Fine Art!


About our Children's Fine Art Program

Our course of study for children of all ages is an experiential program with an emphasis on creativity and self-awareness through visual expression. In other words, process over product.

Children are natural artists, having a wonderful innate sense of color and design, we are merely guides, providing avenues of art experiences in a myriad of art materials that allow the student the opportunity to explore the many art processes, imbuing it with their own unique and personal stamp on the ideas presented. It is our hope, that if an idea is presented and there are ten children in the group at that time, that we will receive ten individual and different interpretations.

Almost all of our projects are multi-media and multi-process, providing the child a sense of the time necessary to make an art expression that is truly special. We teach the proper use of the various materials, the many possibilities inherent in their use, and how different combinations of materials can best acheive the desired effects. It is known that the right side of the brain is primarily the creative side, what makes teaching children so wonderful is their ability to use both sides, the analytical and creative simultaneously

We look forward to sharing our knowledge, wonder and joy with you and your children, in exploring the beauty of our world through the visual arts.

Why Children Should be Doing Fine Arts

Enhances primary education by stimulating creative thought, problem solving and free thinking. Boosts self-esteem which helps the child become a more productive, confident and well rounded individual.

Why Adults Should be Doing Fine Arts

Art is 4 All Ages

Escape the daily routine.

Find your hidden talents.

Just have fun in a relaxing, no stress, no pressure atmosphere.

No grades, no tests, no competition....a personal challenge.

All media available...paint, marker, pencil, clay, ....and on and on....

Learn to paint miniatures or walls...no ideas rejected...anything is possible.

Broaden your horizons...learn a lifelong skill for the pure enjoyment of it.

If you have ever asked the question: How did they do that?... Art 4 All is for you.

Creativity is a state of mind.. we all have great ideas...we just have to learn to express them.

Learn the skills, the rest will follow.

Art 4 All, an enjoyable, relaxing atmosphere to delve into all aspects of the visual arts...lessons in seeing...and how to commit those images to paper or a three dimensional representation.

Be ordinary, be extraordinary, be challenging, be challenged, be all of the above.

Anything is possible...be enriched, be amused, be yourself.

Be awakened to the fascinating world around you...see things in a new light...reexperience the pleasures of seeing and marveling at the world around us.

Become a child again...experiencing new inputs to our senses and the pleasure it brings. 

Art 4 All... All 4 Art!